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  • Web design
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  • Web App Development
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  • Web Application
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  • AWS


The create a Web Site Builder Platform to cater a user to facilitate in developing of exceptional websites without coding knowledge  and effortlessly customize your site by dragging and dropping various features within Arium’s interface.

The platform should able to actualize the user’s visions through the website builder, you can seamlessly design, oversee, and expand on their own with a minimal effort.


  • Managing custom domains to display associated pages for each website.
  • Implementing a drag-and-drop design feature in the webpage editor and supporting tile-based design in webpages.
  • Incorporating webpage-related analytics, and collaboration features enabling the connection of nearby wallets and showcasing NFTs.
  • Integrating OpenAI to support theming user websites based on keywords.
  • Implementing auto-saving functionality in the webpage editor.
  • Optimizing performance in the webpage editor and supporting the rendering of pages.

Web Application Development


We were excited to provide a cutting-edge Web Site Builder Platform, designed to empower users without coding knowledge or expertise to create exceptional websites with ease. Our platform boasts an intuitive interface that allows users to drag and drop various features, effortlessly customizing their site to reflect their unique vision. With Arium’s platform, you can seamlessly design, manage, and expand your website without requiring extensive technical know-how, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and resources.

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