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The SmartPipe project is used to monitor water usage for accurate data-driven reporting and decision-making. Used by water utility councils in Australia to accurately track the water usage from SmartPipe hardware. Has sophisticated SmartPipe dashboard functions to present, share and report data.

SmartPipe uses GPS Mapping to identify where and which hydrant was used to find a hydrant location.

Automated Alerts – Setting up customizable alerts for various events means you can stay on top of your standpipe operations.


  • Data loading has its fair share of performance issues and the same is improved in optimizing the frontend to load 100 years or more of historical data and analyze it.
  • Several weather station information had to be scraped from the Bom (Bureau of Meteorology Australia) website, and data had to be cleaned, reviewed, and loaded into the post-processed database.

Web Application Development


Bluebasket Labs provided Ridge Top Climate with a portal featuring a frontend developed on React and a backend supported by the Node.js framework. Special attention was dedicated to incorporating design elements for visually appealing graphs and tables, ensuring an intuitive representation of data within the system.

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