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The Web App to provide accurate and data-driven insights into water usage. By using SmartPipe hardware, water utility councils in Australia can track and monitor water usage with ease. The SmartPipe dashboard to provide sophisticated functions to present, share, and report data in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, GPS mapping required to locate hydrant points, have geofence to identify authorized hydrant points and prevent unauthorized extraction. 

Automated Alerts – Setup customizable alerts for various events means you can stay on top of your SmartPipe operations.


  • Managing HTTP deployment for processing data received from logger hardware, replacing the default HTTPS.
  • Implementing encrypted JSON data handling from each Smartpipe hardware at the API endpoint.
  • Optimizing performance for storing, querying, updating, and presenting millions of hydrant points in the UI and schedulers for assignment in each extraction.
  • Processing GPS information available in each extraction.
  • Real-time management of maps for showcasing extractions.

Web Application Development


Bluebasket Labs has developed the SmartPipe platform with a user-friendly portal featuring a frontend built on NextJS and the Minimal UI framework, specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the SmartPipe platform. The platform integrates Google Maps and API services to enable an innovative Geofencing feature, allowing users to locate hydrant points with precision. Additionally, the platform is hosted on AWS and other robust infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient performance.

Tech Stack

Next Js

Node Js

Minimal UI


AWS Code Pipeline

AWS Ampify


AWS Lightsail


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